2015 Naga Yoga ~ Snake Medicine: monthly class. The last sunday of each month 4-6pm, Sacred Sanctuary, SD
2014 Naga Yoga ~ Snake Medicine: monthly class. The last sunday of each month 3-5pm, Sacred Sanctuary, SD
Naga Yoga and Snake Medicine, Sunday October 5, 2014, Ritual Yoga Arts, Laguna Beach, 5-730pm.
Naga Yoga and Snake Medicine, Sunday April 28th, 2013, Ritual Yoga Arts, Laguna Beach, 4 to 7pm.
Naga Yoga & Snake Medicine, Nov 10, 2012 Goddess Temple of Orange County, 1-3:30pm
Naga Yoga and Snake Medicine, Nov 17, 2012, Ritual Yoga Arts, Laguna Beach, 7-9pm
Snake MedicineDr, Michael Samko, Ph.D. private, Solana Beach: By Invitation Only. 2000-2004 on the solstice, equinox, day of the dead and full moons


We are delighted to invite you to join us for a unique physical, mental and spiritual experience: the practice of conscious energy exchange with serpents. Dr Deva Lisa had a vision while questing in Montana and working with medicine women. Over the next 15 years she created and refined a practice with her serpent collection. The practic of energy (pranic) medicine, with snakes as pranic partners, promotes wellness and involves methods and disciplines similiar to meditation, yoga, qi gong, healing touch therapy, energy medicine, contact improvisation and shamanism. Dr. Deva Lisa is finishing a series of books/DVD’s sharing this unique practice. Join her for a glimpse.

Benefits: *Stimulate energy flow in your organs, *improve balance and core connection, *focus on muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, joints and bones, *enhance asanas and pranayamas, *immersion in the study of form, fluidity and transitions, *explore touch improvisation, cooperation and collaboration with pranic partners, *experience empathy, grace, presence, and silence, *channel, ground, activate, revitalize and integrate qi flow in and around you, *experience archetypal poses and ancestral dances, *cultivate reverence for the serpent, and work with the snake as your totem animal.

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